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About Zeliant Retail

Who We Are?

Zeliant Retail Private Limited is a unit of Xegal India Private Limited, one of the leading electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providers in India. Our focus is to offer the best quality products to customers across the country.

ZRPL has now extended its services & operations to multiple sub-divisions of electronics. As a homegrown manufacturing company, we offer design-focused solutions in consumer hearable/wearables, IOT, Smart Devices/Wearables to customers across the country, along with refurbishment and repairing services of an ample range of products including mobile accessories and various other consumer electronics products.

Zeliant Retail Private Limited offers several different products under one roof which include Mobile Accessories, Power Banks, Wearables/Hearables, IOT and Next Generation Devices.

  • Our core group of employees has been working in the tech accessory sector for more than 10 years.
  • R&D team with advanced testing facilities.
  • ISO and CE Certifications.
  • 12 Assembly Lines
  • 8 Lakhs pcs (monthly) Production Capacity
  • 40,000 Sq. Ft. Area for Manufacturing
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Why We Choose Us

We've been in business for more than 10 years and have won many awards.

With more than ten years of experience, our business has established a solid reputation in the OEM, ODM, and EMS service sectors. We are extremely proud to be an award-winning business that continually provides our customers with top-notch goods and services.

Our area of expertise is offering comprehensive solutions to companies wishing to outsource their production requirements. We have a team of skilled individuals who can handle every step of the process with the highest efficiency, whether it be designing, prototyping, or mass production.

Numerous industry organizations have acknowledged our dedication to quality, and we have received many awards for our outstanding work. This, in our opinion, is evidence of our commitment to offering unique solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers.

If you are looking for a reliable partner who can help you take your business to new heights, look no further than us. Our years of experience and award-winning track record speak volumes about the quality of service that we provide.

About Us

Quality Assurance

We're proud to offer a guarantee of top quality for all our products. We've been designing and manufacturing high-quality products for years, and we've earned the trust of our customers through rigorous testing and quality assurance. Our goal is to be a leading OEM in the hearing and wearable space, so we strive to deliver zero defects and competitive products and services on time.

Our quality management system relies on the consistency of ISO "speaking, writing, and execution", combined with continuous improvement. The PDCA (plan-do-check-act) management cycle is part of our daily operations, ensuring that all policies are fully implemented.


At ZRPL, we believe in the power of technology to create value. And that's why we're so excited about our new manufacturing capabilities.

ZRPL's tremendous manufacturing capability will provide a full range of industry-leading manufacturing services. From the circuit board assembly, barebones assembly, and systems integration - including post-production orders and customized products to all relevant quality assurance testing. ZRPL, a world-renowned manufacturer, has produced information products for other brand names. Its manufacturing process is often complex because it follows several Quality and R&D measures along with Reliability Testing. Rich experience in manufacturing means ZRPL can carefully combine the product and manufacturing process development phase, thus creating a more efficient new product introduction process. Because of ZRPL's intense understanding of the many concerns of customers, we have developed flexible manufacturing processes and IT infrastructure, to manage and control the needs of customers more efficiently.

Quality Control

ZRPL's quality management system is an extension of our commitment to the Hearable and Wearable category. It relies on the consistency of ISO speaking, writing, and execution, combined with continuous improvement. Our PDCA management cycle is an integral part of our daily operations, ensuring that high-quality policies can be implemented. ZRPL's emphasis on a product quality management system combines assurance for both product design quality and manufacturing process quality control. The assurance of design is more important than failure prevention. In the initial stages of design, the customer requirements for the product are transitioned into design requirements and design parameters and parts specifications. By integrating circuit board layout verification, product reliability verification, operating system validation, audio-visual verification, and electromagnetic radiation certification, they will support the development of a series of internal and external certifications designed to meet the customer demand for the products.

Process Quality Inspection

ZRPL testing process is a unique multi-stage quality control process that starts with test preparation, which includes the examination of raw materials and finished parts. The subsequent stages include inspection, final inspection, and sampling.

The starting point of our testing process is a rigorous inspection that occurs immediately after parts are received, to ensure the quality of the supplier. The final checkpoint is an inspection of assembled and packaged samples.

This approach allows us to execute our production plan by the preset schedule and to meet customers' quality expectations.

About Us

Our Mission

We want every mobile user in India to choose Zeliant, becoming Zeliant Retail PVT LTD the favored brand among the general public. The primary goal of Total Quality Management that we have adopted is Customer Care.

  • We want to make a name for ourselves as a global manufacturer serving the global market for mobile accessories.
  • To offer customers integrated trade solutions that will assure long-term success.
  • To establish ourselves as a household name internationally, we want to concentrate on being the top producer of mobile accessories.
  • We want to expand our foreign exports while also leveraging our position as a leading global maker of mobile accessories.
  • A one-stop shop for the most innovative and high-quality mobile technology accessories.
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About Us

Our Vision

In the following five years, we want to establish a strong presence in more than 100 nations. to manufacture mobile accessories and get international recognition.

  • In the following five years, we want to establish a strong presence in more than 100 nations.
  • To manufacture mobile accessories and get international recognition.
  • Focused on offering a one-stop shop for all aspects of product development and packaging.
  • To service 10% of the OEM/ODM market share.
  • To diversify and build a facility allowing us to manufacture with brands from other countries.
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About Us

Our Core Values

We start by putting all of our efforts into invention that benefits from collaboration. Because of the quality of the items, we produce and the honesty and trustworthiness of all of our client interactions, the consumer is always put first.

  • It takes consistency to build loyal clientele who support our creative expansion.
  • We use a multinational strategy and infrastructure, emphasizing the creative process and aligning our objectives, to carve out a space in the global market.
  • At Zeliant Retail PVT LTD, we approach the design process with enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Working with integrity in a practical environment, encouraging dialogue and sharing, and maintaining a positive attitude.
  • We are accountable for all of our work and take pride in all of our designs.
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Our Best Review's

So that the customer trusts us more, that's why we have shared our reviews on the webpage. It is our request to all the visitors that they must read our review once, in order to gain trust in future.

Sometime back I had ordered K Neckband both condition and quality were very good. And the battery backup is also very good, at least if I charge once, it goes for 7 days.



The product is very good, I have been using the product for a long time, but sometimes if I have to visit the website, then the website loads late. I think this problem should be fixed.



I purchased necessities with the intention of reselling them. by means of which I was able to contribute significantly to helping my society during this pandemic.



Hello my name is Priya Sharma I want to tell that along with the product the support team also works very well. One of my products was stuck but I talked to support.

Priya Sharma


Good products with outstanding quality, reasonable prices, and amazing after-sales services. A pretty well-run home. To all the business entrepreneurs in my circle.

Scarlett Johansson


Hello my name is Shubham and I am from Delhi, some time back I had booked ZT-419 Buds and I have received. Very nice and protective quality. Also, a lot of fun to use.

Shubham Kumar


I spent a few years hunting for a BT-501 Zeliant neckband because I don't feel comfortable playing video games with headphones. Then, this one began to advertise on a BT-501.



Hello friends my name is Shehzaad and I am from Mumbai I bought Zeliant neckband which is very good. Most of the time I use the ear band and there is no pain in the ears.

Shehzaad Ansari


The top made in India mobile accessory product they have is of the highest quality. It is a completely new experience, and they are undoubtedly searching for more genuine mobile.

Mila Kunis


The sound of the product is good But, it really feels like a cheap product The built quality of the product is average. And the battery lasts comfortably for at least 7-8 days.

Pooja Gupta


I especially bought this product as a bass lover also one of the main points that is powered by Zeliant. The product quality is very good as always and very comfortable to use.



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