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Zeliant Retail PVT. LTD offers a broad range of services to support its clients in managing a high-ROI retail and distribution channel, including Technology Solutions, Consulting Services, and Execution Capability.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of products offered by Zeliant Retail PVT. LTD. Among the products provided are neckbands, speakers, TWS earbuds, power banks, and smart watches.

We take pride in using cutting-edge technology to make each of our products, giving you the best possible shopping experience.

Contact our sales team at to collaborate with us.

Yes, our Zeliant TWS Buds allow you to receive calls.

Try a different device if you're having difficulties connecting your power bank, or call our customer care team at +91 9899227488 to speak with someone right now.

Any Bluetooth device is compatible with the Zeliant neckbands.

Try a different device if you are having difficulties connecting your neck bands, or you can reach our customer care staff by calling +91 9899227488.

Any Bluetooth device is compatible with the Zeliant TWS Buds.

They are secure for travel, yes.

Our Bluetooth wireless speakers can survive a little amount of water because they are splash proof.

Yes, our speakers are safe for travel and portable. However, they are not recommended for use on airplanes and come with a small restriction: you must pack the speaker in your carry-on bag rather than your checked luggage.

Our Best Review's

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Sometime back I had ordered K Neckband both condition and quality were very good. And the battery backup is also very good, at least if I charge once, it goes for 7 days.



The product is very good, I have been using the product for a long time, but sometimes if I have to visit the website, then the website loads late. I think this problem should be fixed.



I purchased necessities with the intention of reselling them. by means of which I was able to contribute significantly to helping my society during this pandemic.



Hello my name is Priya Sharma I want to tell that along with the product the support team also works very well. One of my products was stuck but I talked to support.

Priya Sharma


Good products with outstanding quality, reasonable prices, and amazing after-sales services. A pretty well-run home. To all the business entrepreneurs in my circle.

Scarlett Johansson


Hello my name is Shubham and I am from Delhi, some time back I had booked ZT-419 Buds and I have received. Very nice and protective quality. Also, a lot of fun to use.

Shubham Kumar


I spent a few years hunting for a BT-501 Zeliant neckband because I don't feel comfortable playing video games with headphones. Then, this one began to advertise on a BT-501.



Hello friends my name is Shehzaad and I am from Mumbai I bought Zeliant neckband which is very good. Most of the time I use the ear band and there is no pain in the ears.

Shehzaad Ansari


The top made in India mobile accessory product they have is of the highest quality. It is a completely new experience, and they are undoubtedly searching for more genuine mobile.

Mila Kunis


The sound of the product is good But, it really feels like a cheap product The built quality of the product is average. And the battery lasts comfortably for at least 7-8 days.

Pooja Gupta


I especially bought this product as a bass lover also one of the main points that is powered by Zeliant. The product quality is very good as always and very comfortable to use.



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